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1stBoyFriend.com deals with a male companion involved in a romantic and/or sexual relationship and does not mean a boy friend which those two words when not used as one word mean a non romantic and/or sexual friend.

The use of the term boyfriend has a significant difference of meaning depending on whom, where and how it is being used. For example, some females may have several boyfriends while other females are looking for one exclusive boyfriend to enhance the possibilities of future relationship development. The degree of relationship varies between how the female evaluates the boyfriend.

In today’s politically correct word, it is common for a person to refer instead of a boy friend as a guy friend so no one gets the wrong idea.


This web site will deal not only from the male, but also from the female point of view of a boyfriend.

Whether you are creating a boyfriend relationship or have had a boyfriend relationship for months or years, many items within this web site will enhance your day to day living.

Within this web site we offer various ways to look at a boyfriend relationship such as the needs, wants, expectations, realizations, fears, dreams, likes, dislikes, preferences, free time, future commitments, ambitions, dress, etiquette, desires, fantasies, daily habits and future plans.



Whether you are new to dating, experienced or just started dating again, the pages of information about boyfriends will be helpful to any age group. Click on the image below and enter the world of boyfriends.

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